LIVIU 9-th B


human-shield-gaza (Photo credit: ` ³ok_qa³ `)

pet plant

pet plant (Photo credit: Michael Sarver)

Alaska forest - trees

Alaska forest – trees (Photo credit: blmiers2)

2008 Nike+ Human Race in Paris: The Starting.

Three Polar bears approach the USS Honolulu, 2...

Three Polar bears approach the USS Honolulu, 280 miles from the North Pole. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Earth (Photo credit: stef thomas)

The Clock

I remember very well a strange day of my life .It was Friday and I was at school.Suddenly all my classmates left the classroom
and the clock started to turn faster an faster.After that i got outside and all my collegues were changed and my teachers didn’t care
about anything.All of them stayed away from me.I was feeling like i was invisible .I decided to go home and on my way home i saw some collegues
who were full of blood on their faces and they were saying ‘ brain! ,brain!’.I was very scared and i started to run.I arrived home and my
parents had disappaired .Suddenly i heard again ‘brains,brains!’,i thought i was a dead man too and my zombie collegues all arrived in front of me .I closed
my eyes and they all started to scream ‘surprise!’,and THEN i remembered that it was Halloween and also my birthday!.
It was a day i will never forget.

The Trees



English: Joshua Trees (Yucca brevifolia) at su...


Tree - leaf canopy

The Earth

I m not very impressed by the dimensions, or density of the Earth.But I AM impressed by the animals, plants and humans who are living on this planet.The humans discover a lot of things about Earth,like:how the Earth was formed, and how we can live.Anyway i think that the Earth will be destroyed if the human race don’t DO anything, because now the summer is hotter and the winter IS colder than before.The North Pole will not exist because of the high temperature and we will probably die, and our interest will destroy ourselves and the Earth, sooner or later.We CAN save the Earth by making ‘eco’ actions like making the old factories performant, the old cars non-polluting ,plant trees, and stop those who cut the trees.
In my opinion we mustn’t advance with science anymore but we first must ‘perform’ by using our technology as it is, all of it, and just stop there.

Mercator's 1595 map of the Arctic

Mercator’s 1595 map of the Arctic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)