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The Biggest Little City in the Wooorld - Reno,...

The Biggest Little City in the Wooorld – Reno, Nevada – August 1, 1993 / ネバダ州 (Photo credit: Jose P Isern Comas)

Big City

Big City (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)

Big City Nights

Big City Nights (Photo credit: SlapBcn)

"The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lomb...

“The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lombard” (7404 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217). This version has additional correction to correct for poor white balance and slight counterclockwise rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The new city



It was around 2 o’clock and I was tired. I went to sleep. I woke up at 6 .

I was new in the city, so I decided to look through my windows. I saw a lot of luminous buildings, a huge historical site which was around a big forest and a lot of lamps. I was amazed to see so many streets and a huge number of people who were shopping.

I couldn’t resist it, so I went outside to see all this happiness. I heard a lot of cars going around and around, people talking to each other. It started to rain and I could hear the water drops . A guy was listening to PSY’s new single called “Gangnam Style”. I decided to stop for a while and listen to the same song, because I was in love with it.

A lot of dogs were crossing the street and it smelt really bad. When a girl passed by me, it started to smell good. The mayor of the city sent cards which gave a good smell to the city, because the president thought the city “smells” very bad and it shouldn’t, because it was a beautiful one.

I’m very interested in constructions, so I touched every building’s materials so I knew how it was made and from what material. I also touched cats because I think they look cute and I like playing with them. When I went to the hypermarket, I touched a lot of food, chairs and many other things because I liked to check their “quality”.

After I left the hypermarket, I went straight to a restaurant and I ate some good ‘Gyros’ made by the professional greek master chef Gregoroki and it tasted real good. I was surprised by what food they were making because I tried a lot of food and they all tasted great. After I ate so many things, I went outside and I tasted the rain water. It tasted very bad.

I started going  home and I saw a man robbing a supermarket and I felt so bad about both people (the robber and the supermarket CEO) because they would have to go to the police and they’d lose a lot of time because of that. The robber would go to jail and the CEO would lose money because of the closed supermarket.

I opened my home’s door and I tried to draw what I saw, but in my imagination. I drew a lot of colourful buildings, people who were dancing on the street in an unbelievable timing.

The day was such a nice experience to me and I learnt a lot of things about my new city.

Big City #2

Big City #2 (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)

IULIA 10-th D

ventral side

ventral side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Spider Neighbor

I live in flat number 5. I’ve noticed recently that someone is getting in and out from flat number 6. No one has lived there since I moved in here. One day I asked the other neighbor: ‘Have you heard someone at number 6?’ and he answered:  ‘Yes, I did, the manager said that it’s a new neighbor living there, but I’ve never seen him.’

I thought I should meet him so I made a pie and knocked at his door. In my face appeared a huge spider with eight big eyes and said with a British accent: ‘Hello, my dear! What wind brings you here?’ I froze there and I couldn’t move or say anything. ’Oh my God! He’s a spider! And he’s wearing a tux!’ whispered I, and then I said out loud, shaking: ‘Hi, I’m your neighbor. I live next door and I brought you a pie.’ ‘Oh! A pie! How nice of you! I love pies. Come in please! I can’t wait to show you my impressive tux collection!’

His living room was filled with tuxes, ties were laying everywhere, bows on the table. He has cut the pie and offered me a slice, took a slice for himself and brought two glasses with lemonade. I ate it fast and I tried to leave, but he stopped me: ‘Don’t leave so soon. Let’s talk a little bit more!’ So I had to stay. He seemed pretty nice and friendly for a spider.

After a while, he said: ‘Do you know what… I like pies, but I’m pretty sure I like the taste of the girls who bring them more!’And then he ate me. Now I’m talking from inside his belly, so trust me and be careful! Don’t get to close to spiders and never trust neighbors. I’m definitely never going to talk with neighbors from now on (if I’m ever going to have neighbors again).


Pie (Photo credit: ~David)