What’s The Last Novel You Read?

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Today’s Monday Question is simple:

What’s the last novel you read?

I don’t have much to say on this one because you probably already know the answer if you read the blog daily.

Just last week, I reviewed The Confessions of Nat Turner. It’s a great novel if you don’t mind some clunky narration by William Styron. That’s the only drawback. Confessions is an intense and moving novel.

So what about you—what’s the last novel you read? Did you like it? And would you recommend it?

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Lucky Jim Changed This Man’s Life

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How often can you say a book changed your life?

This outstanding article by Joseph Schuster at The Millions illustrates how Lucky Jim changed his life. Lucky Jim? The story of a sad, beaten-up, self-deprecating assistant professor at a no-name college in England? Yep. Lucky Jim.

That just goes to show—when it comes to literary tastes, we all appreciate different flavors.

Schuster talks about his annual tradition of reading Lucky Jim in the fall—and what (or if) he expects to learn something from each reading. Many of you who do the same with a favorite novel will probably relate:

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Cristian Mihai

unnamed“Jazz is a remarkable story that will stay with you long after you read it.”Katie Jennings

Hi guys,

So I’ve decided to offer my stories and novels as part of two distinct bundles: e-book and paperback.

“I completely fell in love with Cristian Mihai’s beautiful way of writing.”Emma Snow

The e-book bundle contains 4 novelsone novella, 4 short stories, a compilation of essays on art and writing, and a compilation of short stories written with Anca Dunavete.

It costs only $4.99 (I know, a bargain) and can be purchased here. It’s available in Kindle, EPUB, and PDF formats, so you can read them with any e-reader or smart phone or even on your computer.

“Simply written, simply expressed, it is a gem of a book […]”F.J. Schurr

Secondly, the paperback bundle. It contains my novels Jazz and The Writer, and also…

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