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Red sunset

Red sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Red question mark

Red question mark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A TSA Neck Tie

A TSA Neck Tie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Why red?

By Rebecca, 10th D

I am always asking myself why we have to wear red ties in school. Why this color? It could have been blue, yellow, black, but no… it is red. I couldn’t find the answer so I asked the director. He was very surprised because nobody had ever asked him such a question. I told him I was curious, so he told me why it had to be red. This is the interesting story the director told me:

“Once, when I was coming home, it was really dark, it was December and it was cold. I was walking down the little path to my home, looking at the high sky. The sky was full of shiny stars. At one moment, I saw a little red unnamed thing which was coming closer and closer to me. I was a bit scared because I didn’t know what was happening. I stopped walking. Beside me was a tie. Yes, a tie! I was the most surprised human on earth, because that tie was talking. First, it told me its name was Red. It told me that it came from another unnamed planet where it was a tie in a school and because it helped a pupil copy for one test, it was excluded from that school. The director there said that if it wouldn’t find another school, Red was going to die.

After Red told me the story, it begged me to accept it in my high school, because it already knew I was a director. I allowed it because it would have been so sad if the little poor tie had to die, isn’t it?

The next day in school, all the pupils were wearing red ties.”

“Dear Rebecca, this is the story of this color, and of this red tie. But please, don’t tell anybody about that. Promise?”

“Yes, I promise.”

Red Flower

Red Flower (Photo credit: rustman)

English: Shocking Red in botanical garden

English: Shocking Red in botanical garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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