Flowers 2

Flowers 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Forget-me-not flowers. Türkçe: Unutma...

English: Forget-me-not flowers. Türkçe: Unutma beni çiçekleri. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Butterfly (Photo credit: Henry McLin)

Butterflies and Hurricanes 2

Butterflies and Hurricanes 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fire Exit

Fire Exit (Photo credit: alykat)


Whirl-fire (Photo credit: Loving Earth)

Coal, one of the fossil fuels.

Coal, one of the fossil fuels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Black coal or charcoal for cooking

Black coal or charcoal for cooking (Photo credit:


 Funny Fate

By Rebeca,10th D


   There was one sunny day, different from the other days, perfect for something perfect. Relaxing, enjoying the sun and the light wind coming from the West.

   I’m just a butterfly, you know? And there’s something I just saw while making my daily tour.

 Two pieces of coal have an interesting conversation. I didn’t even know that coals can speak, did you? But, on the other hand, I can speak too. J

   They were black as night and had a perfect round shape. One said to the other:” Hey, look at these stupid flowers, my coal brother, it’s so fine outside and they’re still sitting in that big bag where there’s no place to even move. I wonder why they don’t come to join us?” “Hmm, answers the one next to him, interesting, but let them stay there, they are all the same: boring and useless. Good for us, we are lucky, aren’t we?” And both of the black round pieces of coal, smiled satisfied, happy to be out of the stinky bag with the other five hundred of them. Finally, one moment of privacy, so they thought…But unexpectedly:” Do you smell that? What’s this? It’s suddenly so hot!” “Where? What’s going on? I smell smoke! Man, I can hardly breath!”, complains his coal friend. “Oh, no! I get it…we’re on fire!! Run, coal, run! Save your skin! Go back to the bag, you’re safe there. Can you hear me?”

A coal and fire.

A coal and fire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other one tried, but it was too late. His beautiful black skin was already turning red. What a waste, what a tragedy! Both chunks of coal, were incinerated, but for a good cause, because it was the first of May, a perfect day for a grill. They had to burn, not knowing weather it was pork or chicken on the grill above!!! Maybe chicken, maybe pork, maybe beef…

Coal for Korean barbeque

Coal for Korean barbeque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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