Early paper money, China, Song Dynasty

The Screwdriver




I was about to go home, when a ‘screwdriver’ came out of nowhere and attacked me.

It wanted my money, my VISA card and my Penny Market Fan Card. I fought back, but it was firing its laser. I stole everything it needed and ran to the forest.

Since my money was important and I’d kill for the Penny Market Fan card, I called my friends and we started looking for the bad screwdriver.

We asked everyone who was around the place where it could have stolen and placed my money and cards and  then we bought some weapons with some money we had borrowed from  the ‘Hammer’. I bought a bazooka, Alex bought an AK-47 and Bogdan bought a Deagle. We had everything we needed for a good fight. Once we found it, I fired five rockets, using my bazooka, and ‘he’ flew to the sky, leaving behind my money and my precious cards.

On my way home, we found out that my money and my cards were infected by an unknown virus and we traveled around the world to ask a monk what was the cure for that virus. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any and he told us to go to a lake called “Lost Souls” where you could find everything  that was infected or with no possible cure ,or useless and thrown away.

I was so sad because of that thing, so I told my friends to tell my mom 4 words


Forex Money for International Curency

Perfect Screwdriver set

Perfect Screwdriver set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Without money

A 1976 ad promoting the change of name to Visa...

A 1976 ad promoting the change of name to Visa. Note the early Visa card shown in the ad, as well as the image of the BankAmericard that it replaced. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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